Vanilla Rum 40 °

Vanilla Rum 40 °

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[70 cl]
from Manutea


[70 cl]

Polynesian Rum arranged with Vanilla from Tahiti

Resulting from a molasses fermentation, then a distillation in the Holstein still of the fruit juice factory of Moorea, this arranged rum is refined in oak barrels where it will mature for 2 months.


A fermentation of molasses (2nd sugar cane juice) at low temperature, with a double distillation and a maceration in oak barrel give this rum Manutea all its originality and power. Tahitian vanilla offers this range of unique and 100% Polynesian flavors.

Suggested Usage:

Ideally savor "on the rocks" or with a dash of cane syrup.


- White rum 40 °,
- Vanilla pods from Tahiti: Vanilla Tahitensis,
- Double pass distillation.

Capacity: 70 cl - Degree of alcohol: 40% /vol.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health, to consume in moderation.


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